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Risk from Salmonella in almonds

Crusade for open science, episode 2

Dear FAO,

I am writing to ask for help in obtained some details regarding a FAO/WHO study carried out in 2002 on the topic of Salmonella risk assessment in eggs and chicken. (summary available at or ). Specifically, I would like to use the dose-response relationship presented in the document for a risk assessment study I am carrying out. Who should I contact to get more details? In case you can forward my email to an individual familiar to the study, here are a couple of more specific questions:

  • a) I’d like to know how the outbreak data were fitted (ideally, I’d like to repeat the process for my learning pleasure);
  • b) I’d like to ask for the data set of the fitted beta-Poisson parameters, to be used in a Monte Carlo simulation, and know how those 5000 parameter pairs were obtained;
  • c) If possible, I’d like to be able to distinguish between outbreaks, e.g. if someone wants to look at eggs only, on the dose-response plot (looking at the raw outbreak data would be a bonus, but not crucial for my research at this point);
  • d) Did anyone fit a dose-response curve to the feeding trials ( )?

Thanks a lot for your kind help, best regards,


Elisabetta Lambertini PhD Candidate Civil and Environmental Engineering UC Davis