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Risk from Salmonella in almonds.

Questions for collaborators:

  • original grant proposal
  • obtain full prevalence and concentration data sets
  • detailed risk assessment protocol followed in Danyluk et al., 2006
  • alternative dose-response relationships (e.g. those used by Oscar 2004)
  • proposed scenarios: predict incidence from current practices and concentrations; assess risk reduction due to treatment; test other changes in practices (which ones?)
  • go through available data and identify gaps

Current assumptions/constraints:

  • concentration data are already collected - assay is already fixed

Risk Assessment software: pro and cons of using @Risk (compared to e.g. Matlab)

  • cannot easily resample from data set (need to fit a distribution)
  • spreadsheets are prone to errors, but more easily interpreted by some professionals
  • tied to excel, need compatible versions of Office and OS.