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About Elianna (Goldstein) Peak

Elianna was a medical receptionist and medical assistant for Dr. Stein at Stein Wellness Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that she was the a medical assistant for Dr. Vinh Tran at NOVA Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Center in Vienna, Virginia and was a science teacher at Maryknoll High School in Honolulu, Hawaii for the 2009-2010 school year. She taught 9th grade conceptual physics, as well as 10th/11th grade Chemistry B/ Biology A.

Previous Research

2008-2009 Elianna was a graduate student in the Tian lab working on a project in nutrition in melon, focusing on metabolites from the carotenoid pathway produced in melon fruit. Interest was in the difference in carotenoid metabolism between Cantaloup and Honeydew.

2006-2008 Elianna has her PhD candidacy in plant biology with a designated emphasis in biotechnology (granted in 2008). Elianna was a graduate student in the Comai Labworking on a project on the trait of survival of aneuploid offspring, in the model system, Arabidopsis thaliana. She also looked at ploidy of various Camellina species in collaboration with an evolutionary study being done by Targeted Growth, Inc.

2005-2006 Elianna was a lab technician for the COGA project in the Goate Lab at the Washington University School of Medicine, department of Psychiatry, working on marker association studies with Alcoholism in a family based(not case-control) study.

2005 She has an AB in archaeology and biology from Washington University in St Louis. She did her senior capstone project in Dr. Gayle Fritz's Lab. The research was a paleoethnobotanical analysis of flotation samples from Cole's Creek period strata at the Raffman site in Madison Parish, Louisiana.


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Outside Interests

Elianna loves the outdoors, from a day in the park to snorkeling, and from distance running to backpacking.

She was a member of the UC Davis women's ultimate team, the Pleiades from 2006-2008.

She enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together, and making jewelry.