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  • Prepare exfoliated clays
  • Prepare new Malachite Green Solutions
  • Prepare samples for XRD analysis
  • get DSC data


Exfoliated Clays

Use 1.0045g of PVA in 2.7701g NaMT in order to make the 10% clay film. Using the same protocol as August 27th, 2014.

Powder Xray diffraction

Prepared a PVA-film soaked in 80ppm Malachite Green for XRD analysis. We secured the film to the holder using tape and an XRD of the tape alone has been taken for comparison.

Preparation of new Malachite Green (M.G.) solutions

  1. 200 ppm M.G. made by Madeline Bee and calculations can be found on her page.
  2. 80ppm M.G. made using 40mL of the 200ppm in 100mL volumetric flask.
  3. 8ppm M.G. made by [Farag] and calculations can be found on his page.
  4. 2ppm M.G. made by [Schwabacher] calculations can be found on his page.

Soaking PVA-Films in Malachite Green Solutions

  • 200 ppm M.G.
    • Vial mass: 13.1452 g
    • Vial + film mass: 13.2402 g
    • Film mass: 0.095 g
  • 80 ppm M.G.
    • Vial mass: 13.0894 g
    • Vial + film mass: 13.1649 g
    • Film mass: 0.0755 g
  • 8 ppm
    • Vial mass: 12.9457 g
    • Vial + film mass: 13.0512 g
    • Film mass: 0.1055 g
  • 2 ppm
    • Vial mass: 13.0611 g
    • Vial + film mass: 13.1511 g
    • Film mass: 0.09 g