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The objective for today's lab was to analyze the solutions prepared on 11/06/13 using Atomic Absorbance


Approximately 4mL of each sample was centrifuged for 30 minutes. Five gold standards were prepared with the following concentrations:

Concentration(μg/mL) Volume of stock Au solution(mL) Volume Deionized water added(mL)
10 0.1 9.9
20 0.2 9.8
30 0.3 9.7
40 0.4 9.6
50 0.5 9.5


Calibration curve of Gold Standards Calibration Curve for Gold Standards lysozymehemozem.png

Atomic Absorption spectra of Lysozyme Atomic Absorbance Spectra of AuNP Lysozyme solutions zem .png

Atomic ABsorbance Spectra of Hemoglobin Atomic Absorbance Spectra of AuNP-Hemoglobin solutions zem.png

Concentration vs. Absorbance Lysozyme-AuNP solutions Concentration vs. Absorbance of AuNP-Lysozyme solutions zem.png

Concentration vs. Absorbance Hemoglobin-AuNP solutions Concentration vs. Absorbance AuNP-Hemoglobin solutions zem.png

Additional Observations

  • The AuNP-protein solutions prepared on 10/30/2013 will be analyzed during the next period. These samples contained a smaller volume (3.5mL) than the other volumes being centrifuged and as such will be analyzed during the next lab period after being centrifuged.