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  • Run AuNP samples prepared on September 10th on the AA.
  • Run BSA solution prepared on August, 28th on the AA.
  • Prepare a 1/10 dilution of the Au-citrate solution prepared August, 28th and run this sample on the AA.
  • Prepare calibration curve for AuNP solutions and determine the concentration of Au in the BSA and citrate solutions.
  • Re-run bradford assay of adenosine deaminase that was unsuccessful on september 10th.
  • Determine number of atoms of gold in the BSA and citrate gold solutions using the prepared gold calibration curve and the diameter size of the gold particles in the BSA and citrate solutions(this can be determined from the UV/vis samples run of these on August 28th.

Bradford Assay

Figure 1: Absorption spectra of ADA standard solutions prepared by Bradford Assay Trial #4 BRADFORDASSAY TRAIL-4 ZEMENK.png

  • Today the blank was manually subtracted from the absorbance data which yielded the correct shape graph, Also the samples this time were much darker blue then the samples from Tuesday, September 10th.

Figure 2: Calibration Curve for ADA standard solutions at 596nm Calibration Curve ADA ZEM-0911-zemenk.png

Atomic Absorption of standards

  • based off the standards prepared yesterday the atomic absorption of our standards were tested and a calibration curve was created based on these values:

Calibration Curve of AA zem.png

  • This data was then combined with the data of each group in order to construct a class calibration curve:

Kalivas Eleni group calibration data.png

  • Based on our calibration curve we were able to determine the concentration of the citrate gold nano particles, which then allows us to figure out the size of the diameter which can allow us to determine how many AuNP we can determine how many nanoparticles are present.

Eleni Kalivas Tables Grubbs Test.png