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  1. Filter In2(OH)2TBAPy.
    1. Wash In2(OH)2TBAPy with DMF.
    2. Collect crystals.
    3. Run powder XRD.
    4. Use Rh 6G in EtOH to perform FRET.
  2. Synthesize PPF-18.
    1. Mix 7.9 mg TCPP, 8.9 mg Zn(NO3)2•6H2O, and 4.2 mg DPNI.
    2. Add 50 μL 1.0 M acidic EtOH.
    3. Add 1.5 mL DEF and 0.5 mL EtOH.
    4. Sonicate.
    5. Heat to 80°C for 24 hr.


  • Powder XRD of three batches of In2(OH)2TBAPy:
12-07-24 PXRD of InTBAPy.png
12-07-24 PXRD of InTBAPy magnified.png
  • Fluorescence of In2(OH)2TBAPy and rhodamine 6G, excited at 200 nm:
12-07-24 FRET of InTBAPy and Rh 6G ex 200 nm slit width 7 nm.png