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  1. Take fluorescence data of the MB, the complementary strand, and both together.
  2. Make solutions containing either citrate-capped or BSA-conjugated AuNP and various cell dilutions:
    1. Mix 3 μL AuNP/TS primer, 1 μL 50x dNTP mix, 16 μL sterile water, 2.5 μL 10x PCR buffer, and 2 μL cell extract in a PCR tube.
      • Cell dilutions used: 400000, 200000, 100000, 50000, 25000.
    2. Incubate in heat block at 30°C for 30 min.
    3. Add 6.10 μL molecular beacon.
    4. Incubate in heat block at 37°C for 1 hr.
    5. Take fluorescence spectra.


  • Fluorescence of MB open and closed, excited at 515 nm, 10 nm slit width:
12-06-14 fluorescence of MB open and closed.png

  • Fluorescence of solutions containing citrate-capped AuNP, excited at 515 nm:
12-06-14 fluorescence of citrate.png
12-06-14 fluorescence of citrate magnified.png

  • Peak fluorescence intensity vs. number of cells for citrate-capped AuNP:
12-06-14 intensity vs number of cells citrate.png

  • Fluorescence of solutions containing BSA-conjugated AuNP, excited at 515 nm:
12-06-14 fluorescence of BSA.png
12-06-14 fluorescence of BSA magnified.png