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To make a zein protein film to prepare for a later experiment.


  1. Make zein protein solution (10% w/v) in aqueous ethanol (90% v/v) and glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) as plasticizer.
  2. Place 5 g of filmogenic solution on 9 cm diameter Petri dish. Swirl to coat the bottom of the dish.
  3. Place Petri dish without lid on a level surface (checked with spirit level) in an oven at 40°C for 24 hr.



  • The film appeared yellowish and shiny on observation.


  • The film was discovered to be very brittle when an attempt was made to remove it from the Petri dish. It crumbled and broke when under any kind of stress.

Zein protein film.JPG

  • Under the microscope, the film appeared speckled with what is most likely zein protein.


The protein film was very brittle and broke easily. This is most likely due to too low a volume of glycerol added, as the viscous glycerol was very difficult to pipette into the reaction mixture. In a future experiment, more glycerol needs to be used to ensure a flexible protein film.