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Elaine Johnston (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Your Lab at XYZ University. I learned about OpenWetWare from your scientists and students dying. Quite simple. Wwith all the new technology and answers we in the correct era fpr this/ been at this for 47 years., and I've joined because I've been an aging research scientist since 1961, women could not head a department then, I'm 74 and one of the first scientist then saying aging is a disease and not a decaying prossess. Death was caused by dieseas and not inevitable. Statistics showed young people with a lesser disease and health body died and those older with a chronic worse ame disease cured themself. Yes medicine and doctors were an outside help. But profiling showed mental determination caused the results. I do not mean anything but biological neuron activites in the brain resulted in the information or frontal lobe memories with new positive input resulted inlonger life spans. We all are contiually healing poterial killer diseases and hit a certain self-chosen (perhaps unconcious) age to die and turn on the genes to stop normal cell correcting reproducing activities. I helped put the original gene genome project into action with an associate Carl Carlyle in l976. Dr. Schloss, physist for the Manhattan Project moved to LA area. Caarl was do ing aging pr for him. Schloss died and his cconcept papers to uncover the entire gene domaine was given to carl by Dr. Schloss's wife. I was intouch with researches at UCLa to promote physical immortality. You firist get the idea and then the answers in any science project. I got the idea in l961 as did Carl and around that time other independent researchers. Too long to delve in all this history. Lots are dead, Etinger, Alan Harrington, Wilson, Harachovac, etc. I got with May or Tom Bradley of LA and Carl brought out Dr. Robt Bbutler head of the gov, Aging Dept. We put the two together and had press conferencece. We gave Dr. Butler the papers and ideas of Dr. Schloss. He inturn got the projecd to Watson who eventually headed the gov. paid for genome undertaking. Then Collins to the project over and research is now international on all the api8n off discoveries. They still mis the boat. The body has 3 billion yr old aminio acid as our evolved DNA/RNA/ Essence DNA. contiualy reproduceing you..... We go around the sun in milage not aging years of death. Yes self biological concrete neuron answere are now formulating in everyone's brain reading this. It's no longer on the PC screen its in signals searching letf and right sides of your contex and going WOW> I'm signals and contiualing evolving . Why for death? It's a past getic fault or disease, and curable. Thankyou for you kind attention. I am also a local #47 musicians guitarist with several kick as rock bands. AaVegas singer/dancer, deaging me and trying to teach others, at times closed mins gets them dead. .


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