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The script used was put in D:/Script/Elad/RowGradients_3fold.conf Preparations:

  1. Put 100 mL of oil in TR2
  2. Put 150 mL of M9 in TR3
  3. Put the test-tube with the bacteria (MG1655), grown overnight on 4 mL of M9 + glucose 0.2% at T1 - row 1
  4. Put 1 mL of each sugar (3% concentration) in a test-tube in T2 rows 1-6, I diluted 0.15 mL of the sugar at 20% with 0.85 mL of M9
  5. Fill the tips
  6. Put 6 plates at P1-6
  7. Put one deep-well plate at S1

The order of sugars is:

  1. D-glucose
  2. D-arabinose
  3. glycerol
  4. succinate
  5. D-mannose
  6. D-ribose

Problems with the script:

  • DILUTE_SERIAL doesn't distribute the medium to all wells with one swipe, but picks up 135 uL of M9 once for every column.
  • It also doesn't remove a third of the liquid from the last column so there is 50% more liquid than in the other columns. The concentration there will be wrong. ignore it for all plates.
  • Plate P3 (glycerol) had a grave problem with the medium distribution. Ignore the results in it.