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  1.  Grow MG1655 in Arabinose overnight in advance.
  2. Mix 19.8 mL of M9 medium, with 0.2 mL of cells - denote as MA (MG1655 grown on Arabinose, diluted 1:100 with M9).
  3. Prepare a row in a 96 plate:
        1. Put 150 uL of 20% Arabinose in the first well
        2. Put 100 uL of MA in all of the other 11 wells in the row
        1. For i = 1..11
              1. Pick up 50 uL (third) out of well i
              2. Insert into well i+1 and mix
  4. Fill every well in a new 96 plate with 145 uL of MA
  5. Move 7.5 uL of the row in plate 1 into each row in plate 2 (i.e. dilute the arabinosewith MA by 1:20)
     Now we get, 1% (~ 20% / 20) Arabinose inside 150 uL of MA for the first column, 0.333% in the second column, 0.1111% in the third, and so on...
  6. Add 100 uL of Oil in each well.
  7. Grow in 37 degrees and measure the OD during 24 hours (300 times).

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