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High Stabilitiy Plasmid Development


  • Double Digestion of P1004 with EcoRI and SpeI
  • Band Isolation of free P1004

P1004 Double Digestion

This digestion was already performed, yet I require more to isolate the P1004 part from a gel band. Two equal 70 μL reactions were prepared:

DD of P1004 in pSB1A1 E,S 57μL
BSA 100x 0.7μL
Buffer 2 7μL
EcoRI-HF 1μL
SpeI 1μL
H2O mQ 3.3μL
Total 70μL

Band Isolation of P1004

A 1% low melting poit agarose gel was ran for 100min at 80V. Using the QIAgen kit protocol I obtained 40μL of the P1004 band. I will see it tomorrow in a gel.