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High Stabilitiy Plasmid Development


  • Gel for double digestion corroboration
  • Media inoculation for plasmid extraction


This gel was made with 1% agarose, run at 120V for 45min and loaded with 2μL of dye per sample:

1. 250bp Ladder
2-5. Pae samples
6. 2μL B0014 in pSB1AK3 DD E,X
7. 2μL B1007 in pSB1AK3 DD E,X
8. 2μL P1004 in pSB1A1 DD E,S


I inoculated bacteria carrying the following plasmids for the explained analysis:

  • repC-PCR-pSB1AK3: to discern if this strain contains a false positive ligation.
  • B0015 in pSB1AK3: extract the terminator B0015 for ligation with the repC-PCR if the previous ligation was a false positive. This extraction will be performed on two strains, one plated on July 27th and the other plated on August 23th.
  • P1004 in pSB1A1: to extract one more time the Chloramphenicol resistance (see too).