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High Stability Plasmid Development


Electrophoresis gel to determine yesterday PCRs (both mine and Fibo's).

PCR's Electrophoresis gel

Lane Sample volume
1. Ladder 1μL
2. repC PCR EV1 2μL
3. repC PCR Ev2 2μL
4. repC PCR control 2μL
5. Inser Gib RFP 1 2μL
6. Inser Gib RFP 2 2μL
7. BacV Gib pSB1T3 1 2μL
8. BacV Gib pSB1T3 2 2μL
9. JB DNA pX19 2μL
10. CI 2μL
11. Ladder 2μL
12-15 Empty NA

All lanes were charged with additional 1μL of loading dye. The gel was run at 120V for 30min.


Both my PCR reactions were unsuccessful.

Visit this page to read the other lanes descriptions.