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Tasklist for Friday, September 2, 2016

  1. Take one of the pipetters and test its accuracy and precision. Use a minimum of 10 trials.
  2. Measure the conductivity of tap water, DI water, HPLC water, and LCMS water
  3. Measure the water content of a sample of CaCl2
  4. Measure the fluorescence of pure water. Was it clean?
  5. Prepare several stock solutions
    100 mL 200 ppm Malachite Green
    100 mL 3 wt% bentonite
    200 mL water + 40 g Na2SO4 + 4 mL H2SO4 (conc.)
    250 mL 1.0 M HCl solution
    250 mL 0.2 M sodium bicarbonate solution
  6. Prepare PVOH films
    1 g PVOH + 0.5 mL 8% glutaraldehyde in 12 mL water
    1 g PVOH + 0.1 g bentonite + 0.5 mL glutaraldehyde in 12 mL water
    1 g PVOH + variable amount of a crosslinking agent (either equivalent moles of glyoxal or a different quantity of glutaraldehyde) w/o clay
  7. Read over the bead protocol here
    Prepare 50 mL of PVOH / bentonite / HCl
    write a procedure for producing beads using all your PVOH solution