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MG Adsorption

  1. Prior adsorption observations
    • all solutions colorless
    • require more concentrated solutions & less clay
    • note that 10mg of clay = 0.0092 mequiv exchangeable sites = 10mL 0.92mM dye = 10mL 426ppm dye
  2. Prepared new Stock Solutions
    • 800ppm was too concentrated (undissolved solid)
    • 80ppm was mostly dissolved
  3. Moisture Absorption of PVOH
    • dried previously cut PVOH
    • after 2 d at 90°C, mass = 0.10722 g
    • dry mass = 0.2888(wet weight)
    • placed back in water to test rehydration ability
  4. MG Adsorption isotherm
    • tested NaMT & 10%NaMT/PVOH in 80ppm MG only
    • same method as 8/1