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PVOH Films

  • Heated MA crosslinked films to 120°C for 90 min
      Catalyst      Preheat Mass Dehydrated Mass
      H2SO4      0.57274 g 0.45863 g
      HCl      0.50695 g 0.41160 g
      H2SO4      0.58886 g 0.53301 g
  • Prepared dialdehyde crosslinked PVOH films
    • Caution: Dialdehyde solutions and their vapors are highly toxic
    • 0.500 g PVOH + 5 mL water (duplicate solutions)
    • heated to 80°C for 30 min
    • cooled after PVOH completely dissolved
    • added 0.25 mL 8% glutaraldehyde (aq) to first solution (glutaraldehyde only needed about 20 min to thaw)
    • added 0.05 mL 40% glyoxal (aq) to second solution
    • air dried overnight