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To complete the AA – AuNP study, we will need to prepare several more NMR solutions using N-capped amino acids and run IR on all of our samples. I would like to re-run the samples you did last week using NaOD and add the N-capped amino acids (4 solutions total). NaOD will not be shipped until next week. For IR, we need the solid nanoparticles, which means we will need to dry the colloidal solutions. I plan to have your groups freeze dry them, which will take several days. You can flash freeze the samples and put them on the lyophilizer tomorrow after the seminar.

For today, we will start investigating other ways to form NPs. Today we will look at other metals. Next week, we will examine different reducing agents and stabilizers.

  1. Prepare AuNP
  2. Prepare AgNP
  3. Prepare ZnNP

Stock Solutions

  1. Use your 10 mM HAuCl4 stock
    • Examine your ICP to verify you have prepared your solution properly
    • Adjust the volumes in the table below according to the measured concentration of your stock
  2. Use the 1 M base available in the lab
  3. Prepare 10 mL 4 mM AgNO3
  4. Prepare 10 mL 20 mM ZnCl2
  5. Prepare 25 mL 35 mM histidine stock
  6. Prepare 25 mL 35 mM cysteine stock

NP preparation

      Metal (mL) His (mL) Cys (mL) NaOH (mL) NH4OH (mL) water (mL)
            1      1      0        1        0      7
            1      1      0        0        1      7
            1      0      1        1        0      7
            1      0      1        0        1      7

After preparing solutions using your gold stock, use same formulations for both Ag and Zn stocks. For the final 4 solutions, you will need to wait until you have enough AuNP tomorrow.