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Writing Assignments

I have been slacking. We don't have much time left, but still have multiple assignments to do. Here is the revised schedule:

  • Individual Results on one dialysis system: Fri, Nov 14
  • Individual Discussion on one dialysis system: Tue, Nov 25
  • Team Results & Discussion on all 3-4 systems, 1st draft: Fri, Dec 5
  • Team Results & Discussion, final draft: Mon, Dec 15

Note that grades are due no later than Dec 18, so I can't delay the last item any later.

If you plan ahead and have each group member complete an individual result on a different system, you will spend less time when completing the team results assignment.

Daily Tasks

  • Analyze dialysis solutions
  • Enzyme Kinetics:
    • Use kinetics mode on UV-VIS
    • Prepare 10mL 400 unit/mL of lysozyme
      • use cold buffer
      • you may want to use your 0.6 or 0.12 g/L solution & dilute)
      • follow procedure of protocol (see link in yesterday's tasklist
    • Repeat protocol using 4 solutions between 200 & 400 units/mL
      • You only need 1 mL of each of these
      • Prepare just before addition to keep solution cold
  • Set up new dialysis (if time)