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  • Measure dialysis concentrations from last week
  • Prepare a new dialysis using colloid solution and CaCl2 or HCl
    • For those running CaCl2, use 3500 MWCO & test concentrations between 10 and 50 mM
    • For those running HCl, use 25000 MWCO & test concentrations between 100 μM and 10 mM
  • Prepare solutions for enzyme kinetics
    • Prepare 25 mL 66 mM Potassium phosphate, pH 6.24 (beaker prep is fine)
    • Place half in a Falcon tube, label & refrigerate overnight
    • Prepare 10 mL 0.01 wt% Micrococcus lysodeikticus Cell Suspension (in freezer) using phosphate buffer
    • Adjust the cell suspension concentration until the Absorbance at λ = 450 nm is between 0.6 & 0.7
    • The full protocol is here