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Project 4: BSA-AuNP Biosensors Main project page
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Project Description

Electrochemical Response of a Protein Based Electrode Using Bovine Serum Albumin Encapsulated Gold
February 2012 - April 2012
Project performed in CHEM572 class alongside student projects
Modification of glassy carbon electrodes (GCEs) by physical adsorption of BSA-AuNPs
Control experiments include unmodified GCEs, BSA coated GCEs, acid/heat denatured BSA coated GCEs

Project Objectives

Construction of modified GCEs
Electrochemical response of ferricyanide/ferrocyanide redox couple (CV & EIS)
Electrochemical response of a redox co-factor

Today's Tasks

Preparation of HCl stock solution (control experiment)

  • 150 μL 0.948 M HCl diluted to 50 mL (volumetric flask)
  • 2.83 mM HCl
  • sealed with glass stopper & parafilm

Polished glassy carbon electrodes (GCEs)

  • aided by Melissa Novy
  • 2 GCEs will be used
  • used P1200 grit wet SiC paper (15.3 μm), producing dull grey surface
  • switched to P2400 grit wet SiC paper (6.5 μm), producing shiny surface
  • 100 figure 8s (1/4 turn every 20) using cloth pad & 1 μm, 1/4 μm, & 1/10 μm diamond solution
  • rough surface smoothed out, but tiny scratches still visible (see images below)
  • electrode post still needs to be cleaned (corrosion visble on surface)

Images taken using ProScope PR (100x lens)
Prepolished surface (left) was very coarse and not removed by 200 strokes on 1 μm diamond dust
Polished surface (right) had minor scratches; diamond dust solution may remove them