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Project 2: Gold Nanoparticle Incorporation Main project page
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Project Objectives

Electrochemical response of ferricyanide/ferrocyanide redox couple
Formation of Au-BSA colloidal solution

Today's Tasks

Preparation of protein modified electrodes

  • Prepared protein solution without gold
    • 500 μL BSA (27.7 μM) + 1.7 mL water
    • prepared in glass test tube, stirred with pipet & capped until needed
    • will apply drop(s) to electrode surface & compare to solution using gold
  • Polished glassy carbon electrode (GCE)
    • aided by Melissa Novy
    • 2 GCEs will be used; CV without film will be repeated
    • used new felt pad & applied 3 drops 1/4 μm diamond dust polishing solution
    • used Proscope to examine surface smoothness
    • 12 figure 8s; 1/4 turn; repeat
    • no visual improvement after 30 minutes
    • may require courser polishing solution, nylon polishing pad, and/or grinding wheel at USNA
    • if no improvement by Wednesday Jan 25, will take electrodes to USNA