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Project Objective

Measure properties of a zein film sample

  • Thermal properties using DSC
  • Viscoelastic properties using DMA
  • Crystalline properties using XRD

Today's Task

Finish DSC Calibration

  • Cell conditioning
  • Measure sapphire heat capacity (baseline calibration)
  • Determine cell constant (heat flow calibration)
  • Measure melting point of Indium (temperature calibration)


  • Cell conditioning: empty furnace, -80C to 300C (3 cycles)
  • Baseline calibration: empty furnace, -80C to 300C at 20C/min (3 cycles) sapphire, -80C to 300C at 20C/min (3 cycles)
  • Heat flow calibration: indium, 100C to 180C at 10C/min
  • Temperature calibration: indium, 100C to 180C at 10C/min
AU DSC Baseline Calibration.jpg AU DSC Indium Verification.jpg

Baseline Calibration successful.

Indium Verification Results:

Variable Experimental Literature
Heat of Fusion 28.7587 J/g 28.7100 J/g
Melting Point 429.75 K 429.76 K