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0.1M NaNO3

0.1M/L ÷ 1000mL/L × 100mL ×84.99g/mol = 0.8499g NaNO3

Ruthenium Purification

A ruthenium purification column was run with 0.22g of crude ruthenium (dissolved in a saturated solution of sodium nitrate (NaNO3) in acetonitrile). 2 bands formed. The first was a pale maroon and the second was a bright neon orange. The neon orange band (the bigger band) was collected to be rotovapped. 4 eluents were used:

  1. Acetonitrile with sodium nitrate was used until the primary band stopped moving.
  2. 90% Acetonitrile solution until the band started slowing down.
  3. 80% Acetonitrile solution until the band stopped moving.
  4. 80% Acetonitrile solution with 0.1M NaNO3.

Maybe next time skip #3. Over 3L of acetonitrile was used.


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