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1.8mL DMF was added to the ATP under nitrogen. The DMF was mixed in with the ATP so that the ATP was worked off the side of the flask. 0.0301g DCC was then added to the reaction mixture and allowed to react under nitrogen for 3 hours at room temperature with stirring. Meanwhile, the purified ruthenium obtained from the column from yesterday was rotovapped. The ruthenium complex was then dissolved in about 20mL MeOH and extracted from the flask via a syringe so that the solid sodium nitrate particles were not extracted. The 20mL ruthenium complex was added to the ATP followed by 0.25mL TEA under nitrogen. This reaction mixture was stirred for 30 minutes and then added to 40mL H2O. A bright red solution with orange crystals formed. The solution was filtered and then run through the column. It is predicted that the fraction containing ATP is the first fraction. The first fraction came off with water. The second major band came off with 1M TEAB.


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