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Preparation of TEAB Buffer

Original Protocol for TEAB Buffer Preparation

  1. 1M TEAB Buffer (pH = 7.5) was prepared by filling a 1L Erlenmeyer flask with dry ice and filling a 2L Erlenmeyer flask with a side arm with 1 M aqueous solution of triethylamine.
  2. Both Erlenmeyer flasks were corked and connected to each other through a tubing contraption that allowed the CO2 from the dry ice to carbonate the triethylamine in the second flask. The excess gas formed in the second flask exited through the side arm.
  3. The CO2 bubbled until the TEA(aq) reached a pH of 7.5.

Procedure is outlined by Haifeng Son, Kagan Kerman and Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz in Electronic Supplementary Information (ESI) for Electrochemical detection of kinase-catalysed phosphorylation using ferrocene-conjugated ATP

Calculations for 1M Triethylamine solution

(1M) × (101.19 g/mol) × (1/0.7255g/mL) × (L/1000mL) × 1.5 L = 0.209 L = 209 mL triethylamine to make 1.5 L solution

1500 mL − 209 mL = 1291 mL distilled water


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