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Mb rxns at 25°C

  1. Stock solutions:
    1. Mb Citrate
      1. 1.6mg Citrate Mb was added to 1.0mL MeOH in a centrifuge tube.
    2. OPD
      1. 2.7 mg OPD in 2.7mL MeOH
    3. H2O2
      1. 0.114mL 30% H2O2 in 0.887mL MeOH
  2. Experimental Run
    1. Sample chamber set to 25C and to stir
    2. 2.025mL OPD stock solution
    3. 0.75mL H2O2 stock solution
    4. Start Data Collection
      1. 1ms Integration
      2. 10 scan average
      3. Wait 1 minute after each scan
      4. Stop after 2 hours
      5. Files saved as: Me_OPD_H2O2_Phosphate_MeOH_5_SCANNUMBER.txt
    5. 0.225mL Mb/MeOH added just before the third scan
      1. This is denoted in the data file for the third scan

Paul will make 1L phosphate buffer @ same pH as last week. He will also make 1L of phosphate buffer with 1 molar NaCl.