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Complete Part list.

This table contains all of the parts I attempted to clone.

BioBrick part number Plate name Well Plasmid Backbone Resistance Organism Description Culture Number Part Size Correct.
BBa_J06504 From Yue pSB1A2 Amp Bacteria mCherry (mRFP1) 1 No
BBa_E2060 2011 Plate 1 12F pSB2K3 Kan Yeast mRFP1 yeast optimized Unsuccessful N/A
BBa_K274100 2011 Plate 3 6H pSB1A2 Amp Used in E. coli E. chromi (Red) 2 Yes
BBa_J06702 From Yue pSB1T3 Amp E. coli E. chromi (Violet) 3 Inconclusive
BBa_J23119 2011 Plate 1 18A pSB1A2 Amp E. coli Constitutive Promoter 4 Yes
BBa_E1010 2011 Plate 1 18F pSB2K3 Kan E. coli Reporter Unsuccessful N/A
BBa_B0010 2011 Plate 1 13D pSB1A2 Amp E. coli Terminator 5 Yes
BBa_B0011 2011 Plate 1 2A pSB1A2 Amp E. coli Terminator 6 Yes
BBa_J63005 2011 Plate 2 4A BBa_J63010 Amp Yeast Constitutive Promoter 7 Yes
BBa_K105027 2011 Plate 3 11I pSB1A2 Amp Yeast Constitutive Promoter 8 Yes
BBa_J63003 2011 Plate 2 2O BBa_J63010 Amp Yeast RBS 9 No
BBa_K165002 2011 Plate 4 8A BBa_J63010 Amp Yeast RBS 10 Yes
BBa_E2050 2011 Plate 2 13N pSB2K3 Kan Yeast Reporter Unsuccessful N/A
BBa_J63002 2011 Plate 4 4I BBa_J63009 Amp Yeast Terminator 11 Yes