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  • 1- Day 1 Mock Trans
  • 2- Day 2 Mock Trans
  • 3- Day 3 Mock Trans
  • 4- Day 1 Exp Trans
  • 5- Day 2 Exp Trans
  • 6- Day 3 Exp Trans

All 6 files were condensed to .gz files for uploading to Galaxy for analysis

PROTOCOL PART 1: Upload the RNA-seq raw data to Galaxy

  1. Connect to grphaynes and open the folder Karmella Haynes > Synberc Pancreas > RNAseq Pancreas to see the fastq files (compressed as .gz files)
  2. Login Galaxy
  3. New History called "RNA-Seq"
  4. Uploaded all 6 .gz files
  5. Set the file type to **fastqillumina**, set the reference genome to **Mouse Dec. 2011 (GRCm38/mm10) (mm10)**