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Remains of the Day

  • Submitted my activity (Activity 6) for the Ag Can grant
  • Recieved speedlings of Seascape and Honeye from California. Why did I choose these genotypes again? Potted them in sunshine mix and have them in the growth room - Greg suggests we'll plant them up in an Ag Can greenhouse
  • Decided to do a TVD growth room trial, so I potted up sunshine mix, and 80% Tilbury 2012 20 Tilbury 2013 soil. Added 1 g/L of Miracle Gro (0.5 L per kg) and also included 10 mL/kg of molasses in a molasses treatment (to stimulate root infection). Gonna plant Heinz 2401 and Beaufort in both to compare, then later use DNA and microscopy to observe fungal infections on the roots.