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Remains of the Day

  • Surfaced sterilized stems with 1% bleach for 10 minutes from the 15 Heinz 2401 tomatoes that I harvested last week (Healthy Omer, Unhealthy Chris, and Unhealthy Franco) then pressed them in plastic ziplock bags using the sugar cane press
    • Added 1 ml of 0.1 M phosphate buffer to each 10 g of plant tissue, rinsed, then squeezed as much juice out as I could into a Falcon tube
    • Made glycerol stocks out of this, also serial diluted and plated 100 ul of the 100X and 10000X dilutions onto PDA-C to see cultivatable fungi
    • Also made thin sections from stems (before pressing) and plated them on SPT to check for Vertilicillium
    • Also took 100 ul of undilute stem juice and injected it into pre-made trans-stem wounds right above first leaf node on the Bonny Best plants that I'd grown for the induced resistance trial before (made sure to randomize so Actigard samples are spread in between). There was five plants per juice sample which were inoculated and the controls were just inoculated with water. Will extract stem juice and washed roots in two weeks to observe whether I was able to spread fungi from plant to plant.
  • Worked for a few hours on TRFLP of 2011 samples - they turned out interesting with some amount of Olpidium brassicae showing up!
  • Great paper about Olpidium brassicae:
  • Incredible paper about Olpidium and Pyronaechaeta in Brassica decline: