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Remains of the Day

  • Going with Steph to Millar's to harvest more strawberries. If phosphorus deficiency is still happening, I'll go talk to Bill. (Not so bad and he was jealous of my plant)
  • Measured Solvita test on Eugenia banks soil from yesterday after 24 hours. (dried at room temperature over the weekend, then sived and parafilm sealed). Non-Fumigated 1 had carbon burst of 1.74 and CO2 ppm of 9.32. Non-Fumigated 2 had carbon burst of 2.10 and CO2 ppm of 12.79. Non-Fumigated 3 had carbon burst of 2.31 and CO2 ppm of 15.35. Fumigated 1 had carbon burst of 2.77 and CO2 ppm of 23.04. Fumigated 2 had carbon burst of 2.72 and CO2 ppm of 22.08. Fumigated 3 had carbon burst of 3.29 and CO2 ppm of 36.40. Took photo of sensors with phone.
  • Started processing Leamington soil amendment trial root samples for DNA extraction. Got about half done.
  • Ran gel of purified fungal PCR samples to repeat TRFLP and of nested Oomycete. Gel reader uv light broken so I couldn't visualize very well, but looked like oomycete PCRs failed and like fungal things worked great.