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Remains of the Day

  • Collecting Eugenia Banks and California PSI soil for freezing and DNA extraction later. Also doing an arrugula-pythium assay on them today (only did the bioassay (4 per fumigated or non-fumigated sample) on Eugenia Bank's samples cause Steph sent the bulk of the PSI soil for chemical analysis)(bioassay used 100 g of soil per cup, 10 arrugula seeds, and 20 more grams ontop plus 15 sprays with water mist)
  • Measured Solvita test on Eugenia banks soil from yesterday after 24 hours. Rafiq thought it suspect cause I didn't dry soil first and cause I forgot to parafilm lids, so I am drying soil for Monday and will repeat. Non-Fumigated 1 had carbon burst of 2.41 and CO2 ppm of 16.81. Non-Fumigated 2 had carbon burst of 2.46 and CO2 ppm of 17.54. Fumigated 1 had carbon burst of 2.98 and CO2 ppm of 27.72. Fumigated 2 had carbon burst of 2.16 and CO2 ppm of 13.45.
  • Writing ag canada grant on corn genotype - farm interactions
  • Excerpt from interview with researchers on microbiome transplants - "Dr. Gordon’s plan to isolate the bacteria or their products responsible for leanness “could take many decades,” said Dr. Alexander Khoruts, a gastroenterologist at the University of Minnesota."