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Remains of the Day

  • Put together some info for the Earth Alive project - strawberry and trees
  • Ran gel of the Oomycete PCR from yesterday - if it works, restrict with HhaI overnight and send in for TRFLP. Since it failed (only got primer dimers again) I'm gonna have to rerun the gradient PCR, since something is wrong here. Used P. capsici, California PSI Soil #9, California Pooled Dead Strawberries #23, and Dying arrugula rhizosphere. Used NEB buffer, 4 ul of 25 mM NEB MgCL, and the OomF and OomR primers. Ran the gradient on the Eppendorf machine, running 8 reactions over temperature range of 53 to 67. Doing 50 cycles, with 2 minute extention times.
  • Finished results section of the TVD fungi paper and sent to Steph and George for a look over
  • Call tree guys to find out status of the plants
    • Alex Verbinen - (but next week Wednesday and on he'll be out of commission for a while cause of baby)
      • Elderberry - transplanted into ground eaRLY JULY - PLANTED IN GROUPS - ALL plants are behind (old seed plus cold) - won't size up this year - can only be lifted out of the ground in fall or spring - 40 - 50 cm target height for excavating out of the soil - covered with plastic - multiple plants per plug which makes plants get bushy (a good thing). Probably too hard to treat with more product now.
      • Hickory - relocated but in same pot until next year May, at which time we can look at roots since they'll be transplanting them. Perhaps we can go apply more stuff to them again now.
    • John Mantel and Faith
      • Ilex - Moved outside. Now in 3 gallon pots - since a month ago. There til next year (moved into heated greenhouse during winter). Maybe we can measure plant height, branch number, new shoots, or canopy size (take overhead photo and scan for green). Maybe measure leaf colour? Only disease observed in the plant occurs in the berries which comes out in the spring. Maybe we can treat them all again since they're in new pots/soil.
      • Ceris canadiens - probably there til spring, when they'll be sold, but perhaps brought inside for warmth. Maybe we can go treat them again.