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Remains of the Day

  • Go with Steph to water Elderberries and check up on holly at other greenhouse (maybe repeat treatment there as well - nope, I chatted with John Mantell and he said they've been transplanted to 3 gallon pots where they'll stay til spring so in 3 weeks we go drench again and later measure plant size/vigour)
    • So repeated treatments (500 ml per tray of elderberry, 1.5 liters per flat of hickory with 25 per flat) and discovered elderberry will be planted out later, while hickory is to be kept in jars, being airpruned hopefully to encourage different root formation. Usually roots are taps with little branching, but hopefully different pot types or our soil treatments will encourage alternative root formation. This will be assay for next spring when they are unplanted and roots photographed.
  • Just discovered this conference: XVI International Congress on MPMI

The XVI Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions will be held July 6–10, 2014 in Rhodes Island, Greece at the Rodos Palace Hotel.