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Remains of the Day

  • Finished the sequence analysis of the physical TRFLP clones - more verticillium isolated
  • Wrote up an outline for the tvd paper - must do real time pcr and finish writing
  • The following table shows P. syrinagae grown on R2A for two days and X. garnderi grown on TSA for 1

Disease caused Species/Strain OD600 Colonies in 25 ul at 10^-8 Colonies in 25 ul at 10^-7 Colonies in 25 ul at 10^-6 Colonies in 25 ul at 10^-5 CFU per mL estimates at this OD (Average)
Bacterial speck P. syringae DC01 0.129 3 21 38 141 1.2x10^10, 8.4x10^9, 1.52x10^9, 5.64x10^8, (5.621x10^9)
Bacterial speck P. syringae DC08 0.122 17 91 166 lots 6.8x10^10, 3.64x10^10, 6.64x10^9, (3.50x10^10)
Bacterial speck P. syringae DC95 0.126 2 8 12 44 8x10^9, 3.2x10^9, 4.8x10^8, 1.76x10^8, (2.96x10^9)
Bacterial speck P. syringae T6D1 0.123 8 24 85 lots 3.2x10^10, 9.6x10^9, 3.4x10^9, (1.52x10^10)
Bacterial spot X. gardneri 444 0.129 189 lots lots lots 7.56x10^11
Bacterial spot X. gardneri DC00 0.122 no growth no growth no growth no growth
Bacterial spot X. gardneri DC03 0.128 no growth no growth no growth no growth
Bacterial spot X. gardneri 1B5B 0.138 54 86 116 lots 2.16x10^11, 3.44x10^10, 4.64x10^9, (8.5x10^10)