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Remains of the Day

  • Using the same liquid cultures as before (bad idea as the bacteria might have been dead) I redid the plating assay for the bacterial spot and speck onto LB plates at 10^-7, 10^-8, 10^-9, 10^-10 concentrations (25 ul of each on a quarter plate). Got the OD600s for the 10^-1 dilutions (50 ul of TSB in 450 ul of sterile buffer) and they are as follows: Pst T601=0.372, Pst DC95=0.267, Pst DC08=0.297, Pst DC01=0.357, Xg 444=0.369, Xg 1BSB=0.414, Xg DC03=0.036, Xg DC00=0.094. Got the OD600s for the 10^-2 dilutions (10 ul of the 10^-1 dilution in 90 ul of sterile buffer) and they are as follows: Pst T601=0.034, Pst DC95=0.021, Pst DC08=0.028, Pst DC01=0.033, Xg 444=0.037, Xg 1BSB=0.037, Xg DC03=0.004, Xg DC00=0.012. Two days later, Xg 444 and Xg 1B5B had colonies - (Xg 444 at 10^-7=52, 10^-8=7) and (Xg 1B5B at 10^-7=11, 10^-8=5). Three days later, the Xg DC03 at 10^-4 produced 27 colonies (none at higher dilutions).
  • Stephanie sent in all the sequencing, including my most recent set of colony PCRs for the physical capture TRFLP clones.