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Remains of the Day

  • Analyzed TRFLP of TVD field samples and didn't get really good results so I'll have to reassess
  • 1:1,000,000 dilutions of bacterial samples that were inoculated onto strawberries were generally overgrown, so Steph redid them with 1:10,000,000 and 1:100,000,000 dilutions
  • Strawberries are looking fabulous, already showing green leaves.
  • Discovered that Jon did DNA extractions of 28 Australia soil samples and bacterial TRFLP, but they don't appear to ever have been analyzed, resulting in only potato rhizosphere bioassay data (which showed good patterns)
  • Ran gel of fungal PCR from Friday, and most samples were pretty weak (see below) so am redoing it using 40 cycles and 50 ul instead of 35 cycles with 25 ul