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Remains of the Day

  • Sent George the maize TBG report yesterday
  • reviewing the biocontrol chapter one last time - did it and George sent it off
  • pouring R2A plates to begin isolating microbes - using phone as portable photo display to help select colonies (poured plates, will start isolating tommorow)
  • Ran two PCRs for enzyme trial of TRFLP - 30 cycles, 56 degree annealing with 3 seventy five mL reactions with sample 1 (alliston soil) and #1 - 17 of Mel's samples. This was repeated for fungal TRFLP, but with 35 cycles and 48 degree annealing. Will test purification or not, with HhaI, DdeI and BstNI cuts. (two different companies of HhaI for the bacteria)