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Remains of the Day

  • Talked about the experiment with George yesterday. He suggests I should balance soil nutrition with the different amendmants, let them sit for longer (two weeks in a sealed bag) then repeat the tomato growth experiment with a soil nutrient analysis focusing on free nitrogen. Since we're out of 2011 Tilbury soil, I'd have to repeat it with 2012 soil. So I will repeat it with Pasteurized, Fish 1%, Molasses 1%, TBG 1%, Fish 1% + TBG 1% and an acetate salt at 3% (ie. sodium acetate) in addition to untreated control - after doing this with pure soil and doing nutrient analysis to understand whats happening, I will top it up with free nitrogen (ammonium phosphate perhaps) to compensate, repeat the chemical analysis, then plant tomatoes in the nutritionally balanced soils to check for growth behaviour and TRFLP
    • The above experiment sounds good, except it is getting off topic - these tomato experiments were not done to figure out new formulations of amendmant, they were done to back up field work on discovering the cause of tomato vine decline. Do the amendmant experiment on bulk soil in order to define the effect on soil chemistry, but hold off on the additional formulations until another experiment is on the go (ie the formulation experiment with TBG and fish emulsion)
  • Continue extracting DNA from rhizospheres and roots of growth room tomatoes.