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Remains of the Day

  • George saw my TRFLP - clone information and OKs my development of physical TRFLP. Gonna get a streptavidin labelled ITS4 primer to start using the technique.
  • Began all soil treatments and do at the same time as the genotype test with Beaufort and RST (weight assumed to be 200 kg/m^2 - all % mixtures are weight or volume product:weight dry soil - amendmants will be applied in 0.2 L of water mixed with fertilizer to 1 kg of soil) for tomato amendmant rhizosphere trial including treatments with 5 plants each
       Autoclaved sand
       Negative control (just water and initial fertilization)
       Pasteurized (70 degree oven for 24 hours - put it in today at 4 pm)
       Terrabiogen liquid 1%
       Terrabiogen liquid 0.1%
       Terrabiogen liquid 0.01%
       Terrabiogen liquid 0.01% + Terrabiogen solid 0.05%
       OmegaGrow Fish Emulsion 1% (based on volume)
       OmegaGrow Fish Emulsion 0.1% (based on volume)
       Molasses 1% (based on volume)
       Molasses 0.1% (based on volume)
       Also doing Heinz1806, Beaufort, RST, wild tomato (LA1286) and habrochaites (LA1777) at the same time (planting all straight into the soil).

Terrabiogen liquid appears to have been applied previously at 0.0000002347 mL per kg of soil (half strength in TVD report). I will apply at 0.1 mL per kg then. Terrabiogen solid appears to have been applied previously at 0.25 g per kg of soil (full strength in TVD report). I will apply at 0.25 mL per kg then.

There was 2 kg of soil added to 5 cups (avg depth 13 cm) with 200 mL of water with 24-8-16 Miracle Gro at higher than recommended concentration for outdoor plants (1 g/L deonized water). All amendmants were added to this fertilized water, except TBG solid, which was mixed into dry soil before fertilization. The FISH Emulsion, Molasses and TBG were all added at the higher end of the recommended rate, because in field study the two former were added at the same rate to the field. A lower rate was also included because the high rate hurt the plants last time.

(to be clear, 1% means I'm using 10 g product/kg of soil, or 10 mL of product per kg of soil)

  • These plants are to be left in their cups in the growth room for 7 or 8 days before planting, so that the amendmants have time to degrade and so on.