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Remains of the Day

  • Run gels of PCRs from yesterday and today - restrict and prepare for TRFLP
  • Show strawberry PCA to Greg and George (didn't get around to it but Greg wants to go soil sampling on Thursday and George suggests I do a poster about TBG gene expression)
  • Extract rhizosphere and root DNA from remaining genotypes of tomato downstairs - array those samples in 96 well plate for later (specked them but theres a few samples mislablled by interns and one outright missing so wait for tommorow)
  • Ran gel of fungal PCR from yesterday of arrayed MBA 02/05/12 samples (see below) and Andrew did bacterial reaction for the same samples. Sneaking suspision that I put the root samples into the rhizosphere wells (PCR of roots is usually inhibited more than rhizosphere is)