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Remains of the Day

  • Plant dry vs soil vs pregerminated seed test - did today in 5 paper cups each treatment/seed combintation (added 600 ml water to 3.9 kg of dry, 100 ml to 4.9 kg of wet (weighs 3.9 when dried). Each recieved 0.5 tsp of miracle gro.
  • Continue planting corn in seed coating test - this time add Alpine fertilizer - did and misted water onto both
  • Do gel of PCR results, purify them, restrict them with BstNI (didn'[t do)
  • Go over dilution series from yesterday and propose concentration (didn't do)
  • Get rhizosphere and root samples from tomatoes so they can be frozen away for later - (didn't do today)
  • Recieved yet more California strawberry soil, this time it was MBA #1-28 5/2/12. Split into dirty roots in Falcon tubes and bulk soil in pee contained - left bags full of bulk rhizosphere soil. Will process on Monday