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Remains of the Day

  • Not enough "Tilbury Grafter TVD" soil for me to work with, so I brought two bags in from the shed and am thawing them so I can dry them overnight. Will pasteurize some overnight by having Jeremy cook 2 kg overnight at 70 degrees so I can have that as a negative control of sorts.
  • Redoing PCR of strawberry rhizospheres with ITS primers for TRFLP - will do tommorow, or have John do it.
  • Found article supporting the use of 63F and HhaI in TRFLP - --> This same article does however suggest including 27F in analysis of environmental samples too, so maybe I'll get the 7degen 27F labelled with 6FAM and include in my studies (
  • Found cool paper talking about "Physical capture TRFLP" which I'm going to propose to George that I test out -
  • Sat in on Terrabiogen meeting with George. Lots of info. Main thing is that I promised to be done the gene expression profiling in two weeks! Maybe later, will look at expression of other genes, including others that may be identified by Montreal in protein screen
    • We're going to test the fractions with peat based seed coating to look at germination rate, and root development with cucumber, bok-choy, wheat, corn, potato, brassica