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Remains of the Day

  • Finish analysis of bead beating study
  • Analyze realtime PCR of tomato from yesterday
  • Plant tomatoes in TVD soil before and after 16 hours at 300 celcius. Single, initial fertilization of 28-10-8 at recommended concentration done by soaking soil with that before planting. [What I actually did was mix 1g/L of 28-10-8 and add 700 ml of this to 1.5 kg of soil (either natural TVD or cooked) and also included a cooked plus 30% by volume of sieved peat to restore carbon/texture). Oh, and weighed the cooked soil post cooking. Before it was about 2.6 kg, and after it was 2.2 kg. Labelled cooked blocks of 4 with blue colour, cooked plus peat with orange, and untreated TVD soil with yellow.