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Remains of the Day

  • Measure RNA, run on gel, make cDNA (2 hour digestion with gDNA wipeout) and do realtime. Below is tomato RNA of 5 reps per spray treatment of (from left to right) water, FX, F4, IBR (double strength), and Actigard


  • TRFLP protocol meeting - George suggested developing a large amount of a spiked soil standard to include with all future TRFLP.
  • Different bead types and healthy/vs unhealthy soil tested with TRFLP. Info gathered with Genemarker at 20 FU cutoff for 6FAM, and 30 FU cutoff for Max550, plus hand picking of anything that looked like a peak, but was missed by computer for both fluorofluors.
  • 63F/1389R trial failed, so redoing so on healthy/unhealthy soil overnight using 48 vs 56 (new ideal temp Amy and crew decided on) degree temperatures (plus exact Amy recipe/PCR protocol). Also did 27F and 1492Rh at 50 using my recipe (with 4 pmol of dNTP instead of the regular 25) for comparison