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Remains of the Day

  • Well, the girls seem to have got the ITS1F and ITS4 PCR reaction working reasonably well on soil DNA - maybe those nested primers won't be needed after all!
  • I will use the nested PCR results from yesterday to finish comparing samples for protocol development. Variables will be kit vs overnight EtOH vs 2 hours EtOH.
  • Call Steve Evans again about liquid nitrogen (none available til Monday so call back)
  • Got trial version of GeneMarker TRFLP analysis software. It allows you more control than peak scanner and many samples that would not be analyzed, were analyzed by this. I used the settings "Analysis type: Fragment (Plant), 0-30,000 autorange, no spike removal, min intensity: 45, max intensity: 30,000, a analysis start at 20, end at 800 bp, a peak rejection threshold of less than 0.2 and check at 2.0)