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Remains of the Day

  • Treat potatoes with actigard, water and IBR - done, however I messed up the IBR Drench and had to throw those plants out. The IBR drench plants are only going to reflect one IBR drench treatment plus 3 day incubation, rather than two...
  • Got the primers (NSA3/NCL2)for nested fungal PCR so gonna try them out today on variety of soils
  • Finishing EtOH precipitation of samples, DdeI restriction and then maybe Amy can refridgerate them for me tommorow
  • Starting to design a tomato root rhizosphere experiment. Selecting genotypes and want A) inbred used for genome sequence B) wild tomato from South America C) Commercial variety or two used in Ontario (and is affected by tomato vine decline) and maybe D) mutants with altered root characteristics. Regarding D, I found cottony root might be interesting ( and UCDavis may provide genotypes ( Steve Lowen may provide seeds (or references to) of genotypes used for the resistant rootstock experiment. (So maybe one wild plant, one inbred, modern susceptible heinz variety [H2401 F1] and resistant rootstock)
  • Wild tomato varities in Andes -