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The Daily Grind

  • Planning to spray potatoes today with Actigard. Have been reading to find out how long to wait post transplanting before treatment, and with Actigard (50% Acibenzolar-S-methyl), I just found a recommendation for a full two weeks before spraying (Syngenta’s Jim Anderson: Also, it is suggested that resistance in tomato only is seen starting about 4 days after spraying. Then again, on the official pamphlet for tomatoes, it suggests application 7 days after transplant and then every week to maintain SAR
  • A paper about actigard treatment of bell pepper suggested theres strong resistance at 3 days already, and that SAR lasts for 3 weeks (largely relaxed by 30 days afterwards). So, I will harvest plants at 48 and 96 hours after application (no one has suggested 24 hours to be important). and
  • Going with two foliar sprays of actigard at 30 μg/ml (day 0 and day 3 until it runs off leaves), followed by harvest at day 7. Similar for soil drench, except with two 30 μg/ml soil drenches with 10 mL. Loosely based on this publication -
  • With IBR product, will be using 1/100 dilutions of the non-acidified stuff. Foliar spray til runs off, 10 ml drench.
  • Water treatments are combination of spray and drench (without anything in the water).
  • Will harvest all the leaves from treated plants.